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July 16, 2011: Another Exclusive Munchkin Booster Pack?

I've seen more than a few people ask on our forums: "Will there be a 2011 Warehouse 23 Munchkin booster pack?" (That question usually comes up about 2.6 seconds after someone opens the Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Booster 2010.)

Officially, all I can say is that we have not announced a 2011 Warehouse 23 exclusive Munchkin booster pack. Unofficially, and while no one else is looking, I can say that we have been stockpiling cards all year long in preparation for something special and fun later this year. Something that just might have "exclusive" in the title and be available from Warehouse 23.

I hope that answers the "Will there be a 2011 Warehouse 23 Munchkin booster pack?" question.

-- Phil Reed

Last Chance For Some Heroquest Gold!

Warehouse 23 is clearancing a couple of Heroquest books with a mighty 75% off sale! Pick up a copy of Heroquest: Champions of the Reaching Moon, Blood Over Gold, or The Glorious Reascent of Yelm before they're gone!

-- Paul Chapman

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