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July 7, 2011: Munchkin Level Counter For Android Updated

Three months ago we released the Android version of the Munchkin Level Counter. Since then, we've learned that Android is a highly varied platform over two-thirds of those who purchased the app are running Android 2.2, but when it comes to the platform, "Other" wins the day. No single device got more than 10% of the handy pie graph that Google shows us. So while it looks like there are a lot of choices out there for Android users, it does mean that some bugs were discovered in how the app worked on some phones. We've addressed some of those in the first update.

Here's a run-down on what has changed:

  • Added a "Disable Sleep" setting so the counter will stay on screen as long as you wish.
  • Added additional screen info to help "blurry image" cases.
  • Kill-O-Meter numbers should align properly now.
  • Fixed some Boon and database-related errors that were causing crashes.
  • Fixed some issues with the name field behavior on custom counters.

If you've already purchased the app, you can download the update from the Android Marketplace. If you haven't picked it up yet, go get it now!

-- Jimmie Bragdon

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