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June 7, 2011: Goodbye To io.com

When we turned the Illuminati BBS into an Internet service provider, back in the ancient days of the net, we called it Illuminati Online, and the domain name was io.com. Yes, back then you could get a two-letter domain name just by asking for it.

Years passed. SJ Games sold its interest in the ISP to concentrate on games. Then the ISP was merged into another local provider, but many people retained an io.com e-mail address. Now that day is over; the provider sold the domain (details unknown; what mega-corps have the initials IO?) and addresses @io.com will now have to be changed. Here's the provider's notice, and here's a Slashdot article. Now you know absolutely everything I do about the change! I'll be interested to see where io.com pops up. Bet you a nickel that the domain name now is worth more than the whole ISP was back then . . .

-- Steve Jackson

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