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June 24, 2011: Munchkin Webcomic Winners

And now, the moment that some of you have been waiting for . . . the winners of our Munchkin Webcomic Contest! We enjoyed doing this. Some of us, definitely including me, are big webcomic fans. Some aren't. My team won. So we got to spend part of the marketing budget in grabbing comic fans' eyeballs for Munchkin while sending Munchkin fans' eyeballs to a lot of different webcomics. Victory! And we got to laugh . . .

In the "Published During the Contest" category:

  • First Place -- Rusty And Co. (with a great Bil Keane trope)
  • Second Place -- Munchkin Apocalypse (This one would have won an honorable mention if it hadn't made the top three, just on sheer dedication. HOW many pages? Go and see.)
  • Third Place -- Rock, Paper, Monster (Right, this is exactly how we play at the office.)

In the "Published Before the Contest" category:

  • First Place -- Geektopia  (SJ note - the punchline here STILL makes me snicker.)
  • Second Place -- Perpendicular Reality (very mildly NSFW even though he didn't get everything he asked for, and yes, I know a lot of you stopped reading in the middle of the sentence to click the link. Perverts.)

In the "Popular Vote" category:

You can see links to all the entries here. Our thanks to all the artists and all the voters. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! And if WE enjoyed it more, then we still win!

Will we do this again? Quite possibly, maybe, could be! If we do, though, we'll announce it a lot earlier, so more artists have time to think of stuff, draw, and/or work Munchkin jokes into strip continuity.

-- Steve Jackson

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