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June 17, 2011: And Now, The Tweaking!

Within the next few days, we expect to send Munchkin Axe Cop to press. But, since this is US we're talking about, we're still making the occasional serious change when we see room for improvement. Today, for instance, we completely changed the background color on one deck of cards, trimmed the text on the back cover and worked in another card image, and added a rule to the Flute card. It started off as "This card would look better with more text on it - what would be funny?" and ended with "Muahahaaaa, that's an EVIL idea!" (Thank you, Phil!)

And I worked some more on the supplement. The newest "Ask Axe Cop" gave me at least three new cards all by itself. Maybe four.

Also, Axe Cop was named the best motion comic of the year by Topless Robot. There are four episodes, and some other neatness . . . check out axecopvideos YouTube. Not just for the animation, but for the music as well! I want to see this on prime time.

-- Steve Jackson

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