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July 13, 2008: Rising Prices

Rising gas prices increases shipping costs. Rising energy costs also make paper more expensive to make and ship, and that increases printing costs. And if you're printing a game, and having it shipped from the printer to your warehouse, you're getting double increases. The bid to ship Munchkin Quest from the printer -- just the shipping part - has gone up by $10,000 in the last month.

The scariest part is there is no sign of energy prices leveling off. Where is the ceiling? Is there a ceiling?

We've done our best to keep prices stable, despite the increased costs, but it's a losing battle. Unless energy costs drop soon - not just level off, but drop -- we'll have to do an across-the-board price hike. We don't know when, nor how much, but it's coming.

We'll keep you informed.
-- Paul Chapman

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