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August 13, 2008: We're Here. Now What?

All the staffers who are going to GenCon have arrived, flying in at various hours last night. Today is booth construction, with a side order of gaming this evening at a special hidden location.

If you miss tonight's events, worry not. Will and Randy will be doing their song and dance throughout the weekend, in the Board Game Hall and "around." Look for the guys with shaved heads and giant foam Munchkin weapons wandering the event.

For the rest of us, it'll be meetings, meetings, meetings. Kromm and Smarsh are going to be hatching devious GURPS related plans for e23, I'll be chatting with [FNORD] about [FNORD], and Phil conversing with printers. It'll be one of the busiest GenCon's since 2004, behind the scenes.

Oh, and we'll have a special GenCon softcover edition of GURPS Thaumatology as well.
-- Paul Chapman

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