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July 16, 2013: Out Of Print Ogre Miniatures Are Back!

One of the Ogre Kickstarter stretch goals was to reprint the minis from Ogre Miniatures. We're pleased to announce that the first wave of reprints is now available from Warehouse 23. This includes many long-out-of-print Ogres like the Mark III and Mark V. If the minis sell out before you order, don't worry -- we will get more cast. Don't get price-gouged on eBay -- but don't bother trying to gouge others, either!

The second wave of minis will include rare buildings like the Combine Jammer and the Paneuro Laser Turret, and a never-seen-before unit, the Combine Unity Missile Crawler. Watch this space!

While we've unfortunately had to raise the price on the reprints to reflect the current cost of labor and materials, the existing stock of boxed sets are still available at the amazing pre-2002 price of $19.95 each. We expect these to sell out after Ogre Designer's Edition launches later this year, so be sure to grab these bargains now, if you want them!

-- Daniel

Ogre Mark VOgre Mark III

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