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July 20, 2006: It Is Mine!

Expeditious Retreat Press released the final volume in their Monster Geographica series a while back, and I've been waiting impatiently (I've been a fan since A Magical Society) for Fiery Dragon Productions to complete the Counter Collection supplement for it. The fifth and final collection (Perilous Heights) is out as of last night, so those of us at SJ Games who also run D&D campaigns (shhh!) can now better visualize tearing our players' characters apart . . . no matter what part of the world they run to.

It's not one of our products (though we sell it on e23) and it's not really illuminated (unless you're a GM), but it's nifty in a peanut butter and chocolate sort of way.

Plus, I get to brag that I got mine before everyone else (and I mean everyone).

Well, except for the Fiery Dragon folks. But everyone else. You can't even find this elsewhere yet.
-- Thomas Weigel

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