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June 1, 2013: T.A.B.L.E.

Allow me to recommend a Kickstarter project: T.A.B.L.E. I'm highly biased toward this event: I plan to be there.

But I have a very good reason to be biased. I've known Tiffany Franzoni for a few years now as the founder and super-energy spark behind Roll2Play, which used to be a traveling game store and is now a brick-and-mortar store. And Tiffany used to be a part-time asset to the gaming community and is now a FULL-time asset to the gaming community. (Too bad, day job. You don't know what you lost.)

The T.A.B.L.E. project is looking for $10,000 to throw a gaming expo in Coppell, Texas, near Dallas. This won't be your standard convention. Their goal is to attract both gamers and non-gamers (at least, not-YET-gamers) and get them to sit down at the same table. Can you say OUTREACH? I knew you could!

The project has only been up a few days, and they're already more than 20% of the way to their goal. I think they'll make it, and I think they'll start something good here. So go check it out; support them a bit if you like the idea; support them a LOT if you're anywhere near Dallas; keep up with them on the T.A.B.L.E. website; and keep the dates free! I hope to see you there.

-- Steve Jackson

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