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June 24, 2013: Start At The Beginning . . . Then Back Up

Pyramid #3/56: Prehistory

Go "clubbing" like never before! Unleash your inner caveman with Pyramid #3/56: Prehistory, the latest issue of Pyramid.

This installment provides GURPS templates and options for cave-dwelling heroes, new Ritual Path Magic spells for primitive practitioners, prehistoric-themed adventures and plot seeds (including a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy adventure by David L. Pulver), and more. It also unleashes a new character-building option from GURPS Assistant Line Editor Jason "PK" Levine, letting you be the first person in the world with a new skill or ability!

What campaign can't benefit from having a visit from our great-great-great(...)grandparents? Pick up this issue individually, or start your subscription today and protect the future!

-- Steven Marsh

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