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June 1, 2016: Crowdfunding Focus: Skin Horse Volume 6

Crowdfunding Focus

Skin Horse is one of my favorite webcomics.* It has the Art, it has the Story, it has the Secret Government Organization With Foul-Mouthed Cyborg Helicopter. Veritably, the trifecta of modern serial adventure.

The Kickstarter for a print edition of Volume 6 of Skin Horse is in its final days. It's already made its goal three times over, and I really think you should support it just to see if they announce a stretch goal, because:

  • The book is awesome.
  • I got to write the intro to the awesome book!
  • There's a level that gets you ALL the previous books, and since I unaccountably didn't own them . . . muahaha, now I will.
  • Okay, that last bullet point was actually an anecdote rather than a reason you should support. But whatever.

-- Steve Jackson

* If you're not already reading Skin Horse, this would be an excellent time to go on an archive binge.

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