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June 22, 2016: Munchkin Comic #18 In Stores Now!

Munchkin 18 Munchkin 18

Munchkin comics #18 by BOOM! Studios is now in stores! And it's got an explosive storyline! It's a pun. Because there is an explosion. In the comic. Anyway!

In this issue, Spyke and Flower fight a creature from another realm. I'm not saying there are cultists, but there are cultists. The main story is from the game writer Will Hindmarch, with art from Len Peralta, the illustrator behind Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition and his own Geek a Week trading cards project, which is super cool. The two shorter stories are by Andrew Hackard and Steve Jackson.

Also, side note, may I just say that I am pretty excited to be working here now? I just said, out loud, to a friend, in real life: "Yeah, I'm working right now. I'm reading a comic so I can write a blog post about it." It's at your local comic shopMunchkin comics are fun. Read them. Bye.

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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