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June 3, 2023: A Summer Of Autoduel!

Many fans of Car Wars have also played and loved Twisted Metal, a game series for Playstation consoles first published in 1995 and most recently rebooted in 2012 – and now, the latest hit video game series to be adapted for the small screen! At the end of April, Peacock announced a Twisted Metal show, starring Anthony Mackie and set to release all 10 episodes for streaming on July 27. And the teaser looks awesome:

Between the new show, the release of Burning Roads from Three Ravens Publishing, and some Car Wars updates you'll hear about next week, this is looking to be a very exciting summer for car combat aficionados!
Burning Roads will the first novel in a planned 15-book series, "Dead Man's Run" . . . which will only be the opening salvo of a mega-series: Car Warriors: The Autoduel Chronicles. If you're curious about that project, we announced it last November, and Steve and I had an interview back in February where we joined WJR and five other series authors to talk about their plans for the series. While I was writing this article, I also found out that Car Wars and Twisted Metal have another cool connection: Jay Barnson, one of the Autoduel Chronicles authors, actually worked as a programmer on the first two Twisted Metal games!
And if there are any fans who stream Twisted Metal on release day and are itching to do some autoduelling of their own . . . Gen Con begins just a week later and we will be running a LOT of Car Wars

-- Irene Zielinski

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