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June 22, 2023: Munchkin Witches Takes Flight

Broomerang Glitch Witch

Now that it has been delivered to backers, our recent Kickstarter success Munchkin Witches has landed in Warehouse 23! This mini-expansion features 30 cards illustrated by the incredible Len Peralta (Munchkin Clowns, Munchkin Apocalypse Guest Artist Edition) and mixes any game of Munchkin with new witch-themed Door and Treasure cards. Take on monsters like the Glitch Witch or All-Out War-Lock with new spellbinding items like the Broomerang and Sweep-o-matic 2000. Use those magical implements to take out your broom-riding foes!

You can pick up Munchkin Witches, as well as the Munchkin Witches Promo Pack featuring 10 previously released witchy cards, on Warehouse 23 now. Or look for Munchkin Witches at your local game store

-- Hunter Shelburne

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