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June 13, 2023: Gregor's Guide To Gates Now In Stores


This collection of planar gates and d66 extraplanar strangers was created as an OSR work for use with most editions -- and derivatives of! -- the classic ampersand roleplaying game. It's a tiny, slender volume coming in at 64 pages and was a blast to create. I've always been a fan of writing RPG supplements that are as minimal in their game statistics as possible, and Gregor's Guide to Gates is one of my best personal works of 2022.

Now, I'm happy to report that Steve Jackson Games has published a softcover edition of the book and shipped it to stores worldwide. Some of the concepts presented in this book come from as far back as 2004 and 2005, way back when I was wriitng D20 System support. That older content has been reworked and combined with a lot of new material that I wrote specifically for this new book. I'm quite proud of the work I did on the book and it's a real treat to see it hitting game stores.

Click here to learn more about Gregor's Guide to Gates, and then ask for it today at your favorite local game store!

-- Phil Reed

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