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June 5, 2009: Where's Randy?

Randy has been our "man-about-town" for a while now. He takes in-development games and playtests them at some of our favorite gaming retailers around town. Sometimes, he just takes games that are at the printer, just to give a sneak peek to our local fans.

This week and next, in fact, he'll be doing just that with Revolution! and The Stars Are Right. Here's the dates and locations:

Today, Friday June 5 -- Great Hall Games.
Monday, June 8 -- Dragon's Lair.
Tuesday, June 9 -- Austin Pizza.
Wednesday, June 10 -- Tribe.

Of course, we've got fans all over the country. So Randy's road tripping to Origins this year, with a detour through the Twin Cities. For a full itinerary, check out the Where's Randy? page.

-- Paul Chapman

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