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June 24, 2009: Hey, Look: Origins!

Today, in Columbus Ohio, the Origins Game Fair kicks off. I won't be attending for the first time in a couple of years. I'm going to miss the awesome setups Duke Seifried always has on display, as well as the "cool" factor of walking up to the Big Bar on Two and seeing industry pros rubbing elbows with fans.

In my stead are Will and Randy. They'll be running Revolution!, The Stars Are Right, Frag Gold Edition, and much more, morning, noon, and night, wherever they can find a flat surface. (Actually, not so much in the morning. This is a game convention after all, so who would be awake and around?) One of them will find time to wear the Munchkin mascot suit; watch for oversized weapons and goofy dances.

If you play something you enjoy, but don't have a copy of, be sure to check out the wares at the Adventure Retail booth (#310). They've got our games piled high, but also fun stuff from Atlas Games, Fantasy Flight, and many more excellent publishers.

Have fun!

-- Paul Chapman

Randy's Road Trip Update

Tonight, Randy will be gaming at Krystal Keep in Dayton Ohio from 6-9pm. For Randy's complete itinerary, check out our Where's Randy? page.

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