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June 8, 2009: Meme Team!

Yay! A rhyming title! Well, okay, Transhuman Space: Personnel Files 2 - The Meme Team doesn't completely rhyme, but it's close enough for me. Why? It's fun to say! Like "prime time." "Magilla Gorilla." "Duran Duran."

Pretty appropriate title for the theme, too. (Hey, the Meme Team theme!) How better to make your name catchy - like a meme is - than to have it rhyme? The lean Meme Team is a dream for . . . steam.

Well, I guess we now know why I'm not on the Meme Team, huh? But I suppose that's why they have me out here like some kind of bizarre carnival barker and have Phil Masters do the actual worky bits on the book. Go have a look for yourself, I promise it won't be nearly as inane.

-- Fox Barrett

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