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June 9, 2023: Munchkin Dice Bag: Duck Of Doom Available Now


Gather your clacky-clack math rocks and carry them proudly in the Duck of Doom dice bag! We know gamers love dice -- trust us, we've been right there with you drooling over the dice booths at conventions -- and we're very, very aware of what happens when you don't have a bag big enough to contain the collection. Fortunately, this 7-inch square dice bag can help!

You should know better than to pick up a duck in a dungeon . . . even if it's on a dice bag!

This 7-inch square dice bag can hold all the Munchkin dice you can stuff into it without quacking – and thus ensure that all your friends' Run Away attempts are appropriately doomed.

Includes the two Munchkin cards (fittingly modified) that came with the original Duck of Doom. Keep your trusty duck by your side to get extra bonuses when you play these cards!

-- Phil Reed

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