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June 15, 2016: The Next Great American Game Is Recognized

The Next Great American Game

It's rare that movies and TV focus on boardgames, so when someone does use our hobby as their subject in media, it's always nice to see their work get recognition. In this case, it's The Next Great American Game, a documentary following a dedicated game designer, his own struggles, and the inner workings of the boardgame industry. It also has a cameo by our very own Steve Jackson! 

Recently, the film was recognized by as an "Official Selection" to the 2016 Origins Film Festival. Not stopping there, it was also accepted into the GenCon Film Contest, a double dose of awesome achievement!

If you haven't checked it out already, The Next Great American Game is available to stream on their website, with more extras and bonus content than you can shake a stick at. Congratulations to director Douglas Morse and the subjects of the documentary!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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