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June 1, 2009:
Sometimes, you have to look back. Maybe it's because this has happened before and you need the experiences of the past . . . read article

June 2, 2009:
It seems the classic party game of Werewolf (also known as Mafia and published as Are You a Werewolf? and Do You Worship Cthulhu?, among many others) has hit the middle management kids in the tech industry. They seem attracted to because "it generates a lot of interesting behavior with very simple rules." It is also lauded as a training tool for young entrepreneurs, honing their persuasion skills to a fine edge . . . read article

June 3, 2009:
Nope, this is not a belated April Fool's. I am actually, really, no-kidding taking some serious time off . . . read article

June 4, 2009:
Another step along the path to nanofabrication . . . read article

June 5, 2009:
Randy has been our "man-about-town" for a while now. He takes in-development games and playtests them at some of our favorite gaming retailers around town . . . read article

June 6, 2009:
GURPS Gun Fu is an arsenal of fighting styles and combat options for larger-than-life gunmen. It arms cinematic gunfighters with everything they need to shoot it out in style: new perks, techniques, and skills, plus optional rules for using them in over-the-top action scenes . . . read article

June 7, 2009:
We received the sad news last Wednesday that fantasy author David Eddings passed away on June 2. Eddings is best known for his fantasy series the Belgariad and the Malloreon, as well as several other works . . . read article

June 8, 2009:
Yay! A rhyming title! . . . read article

June 9, 2009:
We shall be closed June 29 to July 3. And by "we," I mean "Warehouse 23." Oh, and e23 as well . . . read article

June 10, 2009:
You'd think that with lots of pictures to show how much fun we had when John Kovalic visited, we'd be sure to include them in that Illuminator. Sometimes, we aren't as smart as we'd like to think we are . . . read article

June 11, 2009:
How soon? Today soon! (Update: Now soon! The PDF is here! Why are you reading this? . . . read article

June 12, 2009:
There's a ton of stuff in the new Frag Gold Edition, and last week we took a couple new photos of the components. The board, the figures, the counters -- everything has been upgraded in this edition . . . read article

June 13, 2009:
Today (Saturday, June 13) is the first day of Randy's Big Road Trip. He'll be heading north from Austin, up I-35 . . . read article

June 14, 2009:
Although the recently uploaded Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game is likely the most complete licensed product we've ever done, it certainly isn't the first. In fact, here's a baker's dozen of GURPS books that adapted licensed properties, and are still available . . . read article

June 15, 2009:
I wasn't really involved in the production of the Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game, so I'm woefully underqualified to tell you about the trials of putting the book together. I've only ever read a couple chapters from Cordelia's Honor, so I can't honestly tell you how great Bujold's world is . . . read article

June 16, 2009:
Still think global warming is just a liberal joke? Then perhaps you'd like to explain how funny it is that, thanks to this inexorable process, the Earth will soon face spiders the size of bank vaults, smart guy . . . read article

June 17, 2009:
Origins Game Fair is June 24 - 28. Yep, that's next week -- funny how the convention season sneaks up on you like that! . . . read article

June 18, 2009:
Steve Jackson Games announces, for release in September: Munchkin Waiting for Santa You'd better watch out. You'd better not cry . . . read article

June 19, 2009:
Yesterday, we received our proofs of the upcoming Munchkin Fairy Dust expansion. As the photo indicates, it's quite reflective! . . . read article

June 20, 2009:
The printer sent us advance copies of Revolution! and yesterday, the boxes got to us. It was like Christmas in June: torn open taped boxes, violently discarded packing material, and gleeful grins as everyone grabbed a copy . . . read article

June 21, 2009:
When new tech comes out, YouTube gets flooded with "unboxing" videos -- footage of early adopters breaking the seal on their new toys, showing the world the contents of the box. A few boardgamers have brought this trend to some of the new "big box" game releases, and we thought it was an interesting idea . . . read article

June 22, 2009:
Are we really already on the eighth issue of the "new" Pyramid? That's certainly what the "8" in Pyramid #3/8: Cliffhangers seems to imply . . . read article

June 23, 2009:
As we mentioned before, Steve Jackson Games will be closed June 29 through July 3. This closure includes Warehouse 23 and e23 . . . read article

June 24, 2009:
Today, in Columbus Ohio, the Origins Game Fair kicks off. I won't be attending for the first time in a couple of years . . . read article

June 25, 2009:
Deluxe Illuminati is on the boat and working its way toward store shelves. We recently moved Deluxe Illuminati to a new printer and the process ate a lot more time than we expected it to, which left this classic game out of print for far too long . . . read article

June 26, 2009:
Kira pointed this one out: Game Design Concepts, an online course covering the process of making a game, from idea generation to prototyping to playtesting. The instructor is Ian Schreiber, who wrote Challenges for Game Designers, and has been teaching game design at Ohio University for a couple years . . . read article

June 27, 2009:
Jason Bostick and Carolyn Isaacs, two of our loyal Men In Black, recently had a Munchkin-themed wedding. And here are the photos to prove it . . . read article

June 28, 2009:
The GAMA Trade Show was waaay back in April, but with everything else going on, we forgot to mention the interview Will did with OgreCave. He chatted about Frag: Gold Edition, as well as upcoming releases The Stars Are Right and Revolution! As everyone knows, Frag is currently available (Go! . . . read article

June 29, 2009:
We warned you this would happen -- we're all bugging out, taking some time before the con season, the heat, or the combination deplete our sanity points. Today, June 29, our office sits silent, and said silence will continue until Monday July 6 when we'll return to normal business hours . . . read article

June 30, 2009:
The stars are right for another manifestation of that Unspeakable Evil, GURPS Horror! Penned by illuminatus Kenneth Hite, this grimoire reveals the arcane secrets of running a successful horror campaign . . . read article

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