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June 20, 2014: Origins 2014 Recap

Munchkin Tavern

Man, Origins was a lot of fun this year! We did a lot of cool stuff; here's some of it in no particular order.

We announced a bunch of really cool things. First, there was our partnership with Mighty Fine to make a line of Munchkin. Then, we talked about how Funko is going to make a line of Munchkin toys. We also talked about how BOOM! Studios is going to make a series of Munchkin comic books, and about how Alderac Entertainment Group is combining what's awesome about Smash Up with what's awesome about Munchkin to make Munchkin Smash Up. We made all of these announcements at the Munchkin Tavern, where our friends and fans were hanging out, playing games, and enjoying our special Munchkin-themed menu!

We ran a Mars Attacks: The Dice Game tournament, and it was a rousing success! Fans got to play the new game against each other, with winners getting things like copies of Munchkin Pathfinder Deluxe and dinner on us! Here are some pics of the tournament:

Mars Attacks TournamentMars Attacks TournamentMars Attacks Tournament

We met a lot of really enthusiastic fans. They came to demo games with us and spin the prize wheel for fabulous prizes, and some of them came dressed in costume! They even got things signed by John Kovalic! Here are some pictures:

Spyke and FlowerSpyke, Flower, and Kovalic

Oh, also, Andrew Hackard was on a podcast! Go check it out!

-- Brian Engard

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