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June 21, 2014: Munchkin Bricks, BRICKS, **BRIIICKS!!**

Guy Himber's "Munchkin Bricks" Kickstarter is rolling along very well - as I write this, it's over $42,000, almost three times the initial goal. But there's one very cool support level that nobody has chosen, and there are only a couple of days left! So I have upped the reward a bit . . .

At the $750 level, you get to pick a new color and add it to the project. That not only adds variety, but it means that everybody has more choices for their item sets! So whoever picks this level is helping everybody. So I'm donating some more rewards. Because I know that munchkins cooperate . . . when it's in their own best interest!

This level will now include a copy of Munchkin signed by me, John K, and Andrew, plus one of the now-almost-unfindable "Evil Stevie Changes the Rules" cards - and I'll work out the rule with you before I send it. These items will be shipped directly to you by SJ Games ASAP after the project closes. There will also be some special and signed bricks - for details, see the $750 level in the project description.

So: If you give us all a new color, I'll give you your own new rule. It could be related to the color, or entirely something else. What could be fairer?

What colors would I like to see added? Well, there were a lot of votes for purple. White is always shiny, and it's easy to paint if you want to (the Miter just cries out to have its detail painted, for instance). Transparent colors are magical. And, as Guy suggested in the project description, light blue and powder-puff pink are always frightening. In a perfect world, we'd see more than one color sponsor . . . which is why I'm offering the extra loot. So go for it!

-- Steve Jackson

(I'll add helpfully that if anyone wants to make me very happy with a $750 donation, I'm very partial to orange, specifically Pantone 159. --Andrew)

(Why did I not think of that? Oh, yeah, it's because I went to Rice. Now some good Aggie out there is going to sponsor maroon, too, right? --SJ)

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