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June 28, 2006: GURPS High-Tech Lead Playtester Needed!

GURPS High-Tech is the GURPS Fourth Edition guide to TL5-8 equipment, by Shawn Fisher and Hans-Christian Vortisch. It contains entire chapters on survival equipment, body armor, medicine, and firearms (and how to use them), plus a short selection of vehicles for adventurers. The Third Edition treatment of the subject was inspirational, but this isn't a revision -- it's a new book. For instance, a far larger fraction of the work is dedicated to the hundreds of important technological gadgets that aren't weapons. Of course, there are still many "modern" weapons -- small and large -- as well as related equipment and detailed rules on how to use all those guns (complete with new perks, techniques, and a Gun Fu template!). Another important difference is a total restructuring to provide a catalog organized by use rather than by tech level. High-Tech should be indispensible for all campaign types set at TL5-8.

We will conduct the High-Tech playtest on a closed mailing list between July 24 and September 1, 2006, and we'll need a lead playtester to help us manage it. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible to apply. Interested parties should write to Sean Punch by no later than June 30, 2006. The subject line must read "[HT] Lead Playtester" or the application won't be accepted. Applications should be brief: name, e-mail address, Pyramid user ID, a short sentence on your experience with GURPS, and an equally brief sentence why you think you would be a good lead playtester. Extensive past playtesting experience (at least three playtests) is a must, but the ability to follow these instructions to the letter will also influence our decision.
-- Sean Punch

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