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March 5, 2006: It Has Nothing To Do With Gaming . . .

but I'm going to recommend it anyway. I have been reading J. Jacques' Questionable Content for the past few months, and I'm really enjoying it.

This, despite the fact that it's a modern-day romantic comedy whose only bow to science fiction is that the obligatory "talking animal" character is a robot. Despite the fact that occasional strips depend entirely on indie music references, and I think I may have recognized all of three of the bands they mentioned. (And if I recall correctly, all three were being mocked by the characters.) Despite the fact that reading it is sometimes way too much like watching my real-life friends do stupid things.

It's just a good story, that's all. The characters are believable (yeah, even Hannelore), and we care what happens to them and don't want to see them mess each other up. And there are punchlines.

Check it out. Warning: the current strip as I write this (#569, for those late to the party) will look like pure soap opera to those who haven't been following the plot. "Faye, I'm so sorry about all of this. Can we still be friends?" "Do you still want to date Marty?" And in the last panel, the punchline veers into complete nonworksafeness. I know that now you're going to start with #569 no matter WHAT I say . . . but then go back to the beginning of the archives and read the story.
-- Steve Jackson

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