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March 30, 2006: More e23 Milestones

It's fun watching the top e23 products reach milestones . . . and we hit some more. The downloadable GURPS Character Assistant hit 900 a few days ago, and is already well past that . . . it will be our first thousand-seller soon, and there will be much rejoicing. GURPS Mysteries passed 700. Singapore Sling and Polyhymnia made it into the 200 club, and both Robin's Laws of Good Game Mastering and In Nomine Superiors: Lilith are about to. And going down a bit, my own Game Design Volume 1: Theory and Practice has hit exactly 100.

We recently changed the e23 What's Hot page to show 20 items rather than 10, because showing just the top 10 was neglecting some good stuff. At some point we'll have to find a way to feature more without being spammy.

And more of that good stuff is coming, including . . . REAL soon now . . . Doc Cross' unholy blending of Toon and Munchkin, creatively titled Toon Munchkin. That's not a link because it's not up yet. But REAL soon now.
-- Steve Jackson

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