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March 7, 2005: On The Ground In SF

The trip to San Francisco was uneventful. The "Mobile Games" presentations (that is, games played on wireless platforms) will be Monday and Tuesday, and the GDC proper starts Wednesday. So here we are with a list of events that sound interesting . . . and a stack of manuscripts to read during the slow parts. We can hope that every single panel will be a solid hour of jaw-dropping thrills - well, it MIGHT happen - but then again, this may be my ONLY chance to catch up on the stack of manuscripts before the GAMA Trade show . . .

Top one in the stack has been fun to look at . . . the Fourth Edition version of GURPS Prime Directive, from Amarillo Design Bureau. There will be finished copies of this one at the GAMA show, thanks to ADB's Print On Demand press. We've got to get one of those things, one of these days . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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