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February 7, 2005: Fun (And Work) With Wikis

A wiki is a collaborative Web document. Within limitations set by the creator, a wiki page can be edited online by anybody who can read it.

My first experience with wikis was the Wikipedia. I was, and am, skeptical of the value of a reference work that can be changed by anybody in the world. There are too many people out there who are massively misinformed and willing to share. But having said that, Wikipedia can often be a good information source; it can provide clues which you can then check with sources that you trust more.

However, I'm growing enthusiastic about wikis as business tools. There's a lot to be said for a system that makes it easy for a small group to mutually edit documents. So, for instance, our new Creative Staff Manual is being developed on a wiki. We have one for UltraCorps development. There are a couple of others.

There are are lot of wiki implementations out there. We are using MoinMoin.
-- Steve Jackson

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