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March 7, 2019: One Month Until FnordCon!

Next month, on April 6 and 7, we're hosting FnordCon in Austin. At the convention, we'll be running The Fantasy Trip, new Munchkin games, teaching Deadly Doodles, and even giving attendees a chance to play the upcoming Car Wars Sixth Edition game using playtest components (our factory-crafted parts are not yet ready). The convention is our chance to chat with you, listen to your requests for new games and expansions to existing games, and generally have as much fun as we can pack into two days.

The team is preparing everything for the convention and we're still deciding on which games we'll include in the onsite game library. Is there an out-of-print Steve Jackson Games title that you would like to see at the event? Please leave a comment in the forums and let us know!

We'll see you next month! Bring your game face and get ready for some serious fun!

-- Phil Reed

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