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March 27, 2019: You Missed The Pocket Box Games On Kickstarter?

Earlier this month, our Pocket Box campaign on Kickstarter closed with over 1,900 backers pledging more than $268,000 in support of the return of several classic games and expansions. A total of 16 plastic Pocket Box titles (Car Wars, Illuminati, Ogre, Raid on Iran, and many more!), 11 ziplock-bag expansions, 11 book expansions, 12 pocket folders, and 12 journals are being produced because of the overwhelming success of the Kickstarter project. We knew there was still a demand for the older games, but we didn't realize that there was so much demand. Thank you!

If you missed out on supporting the campaign: Don't worry! We'll be opening BackerKit preorders later this month and, next month, we have a small Kickstarter project coming to the Warehouse 23 account, where you'll have another chance at the various games and supplements being manufactured to cover the Pocket Box rewards. As to whether or not these games and expansions will go into stores, we've not yet made our decisions on what, if anything, we will offer to distributors. We have ideas, but we need more time before we finalize our post-Kickstarter plans for everything.

We do offer retailers a chance to join in our Kickstarter campaigns, so you can always ask your local store if they're participating in the Pocket Box project. Maybe they already are, in which case you should be able to preorder games directly from your local retailer. And if they're not, we'll be here and ready . . . we will announce here in the Daily Illuminator when BackerKit preorders open.

-- Phil Reed

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