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March 9, 2017: Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow!

The curtain is closing on our Munchkin Shakespeare Kickstarter campaign, and we are going out thundering like a tempest! We're getting closer to turning Munchkin Shakespeare into a Deluxe set, and we've almost unlocked every Audience Goal! The last one is our backer goal, which we hopefully pass today. 

We've got a fun reveal today as well! Earlier in the campaign, we announced a Munchkin Shakespeare Kill-O-Meter, drawn by a mystery guest artist. Today, we can reveal that artist as none other than Lar DeSouza, the illustrator behind our upcoming Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, as well as Munchkin Playmat: Spyke's Christmas Wish. We even have a piece of his art for the project to show you! (Note: This art is not final.)

Munchkin Shakespeare

We're excited to have Lar on board for not only the Kill-O-Meter, but the Munchkin Shakespeare Demo Pack! This card pack will include cards from Munchkin Shakespeare, but with Lar's own spin on the artwork. Lar had a few words on his connection with Shakespeare:

"Being married to an arts/drama teacher and living about an hour from Stratford (Ontario, Canada) means the Bard is a big part of our lives around here, from studying ol' Bill's work (I call him Bill) in high school, to seeing his plays interpreted again and again at the local school level and on the professional stage, to helping my wife make costumes and props. I've even been fortunate to meet and do work for the Reduced Shakespeare Company. Contributing to the Munchkin Shakespeare game is another bond with Billy for me (he hates when I call him Billy). Thank you, Steve Jackson Games!"

No, thank YOU, Lar, and all of our backers! We're closing in on that Deluxe goal at $275,000, and you can help us get there! Make sure you back today, so you don't miss out on the exclusive Kickstarter expansion, Munchkin Shakespeare: Limited Engagement. We'll see you at the aftershow! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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