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March 27, 2017: Preorder Edwin Huang's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Today!

Munchkin Guest Artist Edition

Our Guest Artist Edition series, celebrating 15 years of Munchkin, continues! The next limited-run release is Edwin Huang's Munchkin Guest Artist Edition, available for preorder now.

You may know Edwin's dynamic, action-oriented style from Udon's Street Fighter series (even official Street Fighter character art!) and from his work with Jim Zub in Skullkickers. (We liked it so much we turned it into Munchkin Skullkickers!) 

We recently interviewed Edwin to get his take on Munchkin and his process for making this version of the game – and back in 2016, we put a spotlight on him and his work. If you're most interested in what comes in the box, we also took a sneak peek at some of the awesome art Huang brings to the game components.

Munchkin Guest Artist Edition hits stores in early April. Preorder this limited-run game at Warehouse 23 or your friendly local game store, today! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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