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March 10, 2007: I Survived GDC

- or so it looks right now. I did get a miserable cold, starting Thursday not long after getting up, but since my talk was Wednesday, it's a survivable disaster. Responses to the talk were good - at least, no produce was thrown, good questions were asked, and several people caught me over the following days to make happy noises. So I look forward to getting my official GDC feedback. At least, I think I do!

Other than that: as Dilbert puts it, many mighty meetings were held. I got to see some old friends. I did not make a deal to put Car Wars on Xbox Live starting tomorrow, or anything scary-exciting like that. But I think it was a week well spent, if I can just make it home alive and spend a day or so recuperating.

San Francisco is pretty.
-- Steve Jackson

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