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March 25, 2007: A Song Of Ice And Fire

The very good news: not only has George R. R. Martin recovered the RPG rights to his epic fantasy series, following the Guardians of Order debacle, but in the settlement he also acquired the remaining stocks of the super-deluxe hardcover edition. These can now be purchased through his own site. I have seen this book and it's beautiful . . . it's a shame that it was associated with such disappointments to the people who worked on it.

The not-so-good news, from my own perspective, is that SJ Games will not be bidding on these rights. I am a dedicated reader of everything GRRM creates, most especially "Song of Ice and Fire," and I know that GRRM is a GURPS player. So I've thought seriously about it! But the inescapable fact is that this is just not the year to take on a new licensing project. As I said in my Report to the Stakeholders in January, this is the year to sort out our production pipeline and do right by Munchkin.

Ah, well. I wish the best of good fortune to whoever does get the license . . . and they had better do it RIGHT, or I shall GLARE at them.
-- Steve Jackson

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