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March 12, 2007: GDC Post-Mortem

Now that I'm home, recovering from my cold, and mostly unpacked, I still think it was a good show. I got to visit with a number of old friends from the old school, including Greg Costikyan (who won the GDC's Maverick Award, and you can see his acceptance speech here), Eric Goldberg, Steve Peterson and Ray Greer of the original Hero Games, and Andrew Leker (who is now fully on the digital side, but you'll remember him as the creator of Skyrealms of Jorune).

And, of course, I did the requisite breakfasts (and so on) with development studios (and so on), and I thought they were more substantive than similar meetings in past years. The fingers are crossed.

Even as I type, the "GDC 07 Faculty" t-shirt is being washed in very hot water. I would actually wear this one . . . if it weren't XL. Perhaps I should suggest to the GDC that if they are going to give away shirts, they might add a Shirt Size field to their extensive speaker info DB . . .

I didn't make it to as many presentations as I would have liked to, but there were some I wasn't going to miss no matter what. Daniel James and Damion Schubert didn't disappoint. I'm going to point Kira at Damion's talk (on creating good design documents) as soon as he posts it. Not so SHE can write better design docs - that's not her job - but so she can tell me which of his ideas she'd like carried into what I write for her. (Hmm, I see the slides are already up; maybe that's what we get.)

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