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March 14, 2024: My Last Popcorn Secret

The Original Whirley Pop

Or should I say my last popcorn secret for now? (Dun-dun-DUNNNN...)

I recently revealed my secrets of popcorn proficiency; equipped with such, you should be able to craft a snack that can entice mothers-in-law across the world. Or at least mine, and that's what's most important. In that prior post I also promised to reveal my final secret . . . one that hits close to home for me. And thus it is so.

Behold! The Original Whirley Pop.

Another secret to great popcorn is to keep the kernels moving in the pan as it heats on the burner. This ensures that the heat distributes evenly and prevents the popcorn from scorching. The Whirley Pop has a handle that lets you agitate the kernels in a way that doesn't involve asking them if they floss enough or how much they have saved for retirement. The slow-but-steady stirring keeps the kernels well-coated and popping happily.

This device is near and dear to us because we learned – after we bought it – that it's apparently from Monon, Indiana – about a 90-minute drive from us. They have more information on their website.

I haven't done anything with this unusual discovery; it'd be a fairly trivial road trip, but my current plans don't consist of more than getting to the parking lot, going "This place exists!" and then turning around and driving back, plans which are usually only reserved for expeditions to the Grand Canyon or the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota. Still, it's nice to know that something we enjoy so much harkens from nearby.

If anyone uses this lore to up their own popcorn prowess – or has their own tips to share – please feel free to post on the forums.

-- Steven Marsh

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