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March 16, 2005: At The GAMA Trade Show . . .

And keeping very busy, yes indeed. Giving away copies of Munchkin Dice, as well as the limited-run BLACK Munchkin die and the "Step-And-A-Half" card that is the 2005 Munchkin promo. Hmm. Those JUST came from the printer and I bet we have not announced them or showed you the picture. So we'll do that, but probably next week when we can scan a card back at the office . . .

In other news, we really liked our rankings in the newest edition of Comics & Games Retailer. It looks as though end-of-the-year GURPS sales really powered us up . . . we were ranked second, behind only D&D, in unit sales for RPGs. We were third-ranked publisher in "piece share," a score that lumps together all of each publisher's titles. Both these are all-time high ranks for us. Happy happy.
-- Steve Jackson

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