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March 22, 2015: I Write About Marketing Toys

Over the recent holiday break I completed two new books about the marketing techniques toymakers used in the '80s to sell me (and millions of kids like me) action figures. Now writing about toys isn't exactly new for me, but it isn't every day that I take the time to actually assemble my thoughts into two hardcover books. The creation of the two books was a lot of fun for me, but the waiting for the printer to complete the books was painful; I'm not the most patient person out there. Give me finished books now!

Well, both books have been printed and shipped, and a kind retailer is offering both titles on Amazon.com. Each Sold Separately and Action Figures Not Included were created to be read as a pair, but if you decide to give only one of the two a chance I suggest reading Each Sold Separately first since it lays the foundation for the next book, then builds on and expands it.

I've got another book project under way now and have mentioned to Steve how I'd love to tackle a retrospective focusing on Car Wars from launch through the end of Autoduel Quarterly. This would be a personal project if I take it on, and at the moment I'm thinking the Car Wars book may very well be my next distraction from stress once the latest book is finished and off to the printer.

-- Phil Reed

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