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March 28, 2019: Reprinting A Classic Game Accessory

Our Pocket Box campaign last month (preorders coming soon at BackerKit) closed with more support than we had anticipated, surprising all of us at the office. Thank you, everyone, for making that such a remarkable Kickstarter event for Steve Jackson Games; the factory is now preparing all of the games and expansions that you made possible and we're on schedule to deliver everything by the estimated date.

Your support for the Pocket Box games was so overwhelming that we've decided to reprint another classic – this time a game accessory that has been unavailable for decades. We've discussed it with the factory and we have everything ready to go . . . except for the most important thing of all: your support.

Please follow the Warehouse 23 account on Kickstarter for email notification when we launch this new campaign. The project will run for a shorter time than any of our other campaigns, so there will only be a limited window of opportunity to join us. And this one is definitely not scheduled for distribution release; Kickstarter and Warehouse 23 only! Don't miss out!!!

-- Phil Reed

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