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March 30, 2019: Progress Report: Munchkin Mini-Expansions Kickstarter

We couldn't be happier at the fast start our newest Munchkin Kickstarter got off to: we blew through EIGHT stretch goals on the first day, making all three expansions 50% larger than originally planned . . . and we still have two weeks to go! How much bigger can these sets get? That's up to y'all! (Edit: Since I wrote this, we've surpassed three more and are well on our way to a twelfth before the weekend is up. Thanks!)

Phil and I have been cooking up some ideas for other things we can make available, including some new promo cards. Expect to see those starting next week. Plus, I'll start posting updates previewing my favorite cards from each mini-expansion and what I was thinking when I created them. (Usually "crap, it's my deadline, gotta write something," but it can be interesting after that.)

If you've already backed the Kickstarter, thank you! If not, $21 (plus shipping) gets you all three mini-expansions, and the rewards keep getting cooler as you pick higher pledge tiers. Go check it out!

-- Andrew Hackard

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