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May 5, 2005: Just A Bit Of Reorganization

As of today, some of our people have traded hats. Despite the old saying, a change is NOT as good as a vacation . . . but sometimes a bit of change is good, and I'm hoping that this little redeployment will let people play to their strengths a bit better.

Wil Upchurch is moving from Production Manager to Editor. He was, last time I looked, a 14th-level freelancer, with equal mojo in Quark and writing, so this should work out.

Monica Stephens moves from Print Buyer to Production Manager. She's already been spending a lot of time dealing with production issues, so this just makes it official.

Moe Chapman had been supervising the Production Manager and various editorial people. She'll move upstairs, take over Print Buying, and not have to worry about any direct reports.

It's crazy, but it just might work.
-- Steve Jackson

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