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May 7, 2005: e23, Warehouse 23 Join Forces

The folks at The CaBil put e23's online PDF business and Warehouse 23's online mail order business together in a new way we hope we'll see more of our vendor partners try in the future.

The CaBil has a miniatures game called Budget Battlefield, and a strange game world for it called The Way of War, and some cool miniatures, all for sale on Warehouse 23. So they decided to do up Budget Battlefield stats for their Way of War miniatures, put 'em on Battle Cards, convert 'em to PDFs, and then give them away on e23! It's a free game aid as a thank you to their loyal customers, and it just might get a few more of you taking a look at what they've got.

Anyway, the Battle Cards come in two sets: the Aztecs and the Circus of Terror (I told you it was a strange game world . . .). You should check it out, especially what with it being free and all.

-- Scott Haring

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