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May 10, 2023: Munchkin Witches Now In Our Main Warehouse


After a successful Kickstarter campaign late last year and a lot of hard work by our team, the Munchkin Witches mini-expansion has (finally!) landed in Georgia and is being unloaded at our primary warehouse even as you read this! These 30 new cards are a great addition to any Munchkin game. To make things even more exciting for your game group, shuffle these cards into your decks and don't tell the other players. They can share in the surprise as the cards appear during the session . . . and you can snicker and giggle as the others at the table slowly figure out what you've done.

Evil witches are everywhere. Souring your milk, corrupting your files, sailing across the moon with a cackling laugh. What can you do? What you always do – kill them and take their stuff. Here are a dozen witchy monsters with Items and Curses to match!

-- Phil Reed

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