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May 29, 2023: Crowdfunding Focus: Life-Sized Dino Figures

[Image]Do you want life-sized dinosaur models?
. . . is that even a question?
Limelight Miniatures, whose excellent work is featured in our upcoming Foes 2 collection, has 3D printable dinosaur models on Kickstarter, in – you guessed it – 1:1 scale. Naturally, they're some of the smallest species, and they come pre-hollowed and ready to print in pieces. This is not something I've seen anyone do before. And the results are spectacular.
This painted life-size Anchiornis huxleyi was done by Andy's Dinosaur Reviews on YouTube. Watch his full review here.
You get a Cartorhynchus, Anchiornis huxleyi, Epidexipteryxhui, baby Archaeoceratops, Falcatus falcatus (yes, he knows it's a shark), and Nemicolopterus, an adorable pterosaur, each in several poses. They have nicely scupted bases that include the name and time period. It makes me want to start my own museum!
There are 30 models in the Kickstarter, including the dinosaurs in multiple poses, models of several prehistoric mammals showing both the creature and the skeleton, and several skeletons scanned from museum specimens. And the reward with all the digital files is only £9 – or a bit over $11 for those of us who don't weigh our money. There's also an option for physical figures if you don't have access to a 3D printer. The campaign runs through Friday morning, so hurry before it goes extinct!

-- Jean McGuire

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