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May 15, 2023: Groo: The Game Tooling Samples


As part of our preparations for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Groo: The Game, we've already worked with the factory to create tooling samples of the components. Rather than start the process after the close of a Kickstarter project for the game, we thought it best to spend the time and money pre-Kickstarter and prepare samples. This guarantees that everything looks great, and it minimizes the time between close of the project and delivery of the game to as few months as possible.


Shown here are early test shots of the game box and cards and the game's dice. The dice deserve special mention, because they're as chonky and wonderful as we could have hoped for: 25mm! These are the big boys, and they feel great when you scoop them up and roll them. You might even want to use both hands!

Please follow the Steve Jackson Games account on Kickstarter to receive email notification when Groo: The Game is ready for your support. We're still on track to launch the project in the next month!

-- Phil Reed

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