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May 18, 2005: Three Ideas Which Should Go No Further

Do you people imagine for a moment I WANT to think of this stuff? It just . . . appears.

(1) A Babylon 5 - MegaTokyo crossover: Sad Girl In Spoo.

(2) A Zen RPG. Monks compete to earn Merit Points, which entitle them to elaborate titles and increasingly gaudy robes, and (at the higher levels) fast cars and drugs.

(3) Buffalo Spleen Canyon. You've all heard the old saying that the Indians used every part of the buffalo. This is, in fact, not true. The Indians could find no use for the buffalo's spleen. This upset them deeply, and whenever they killed a buffalo, they set the spleen aside. For hundreds of years, all across the Great Plains, the tribes would send their couriers to a single holy place where, with regret, the unusable spleens were dropped into a deep and otherwise worthless ravine. They're still there. Buffalo Spleen Canyon has the distinction of being the only Superfund site in North America that is also on the National Register of Historic Places.
-- Steve Jackson

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