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May 1, 2018:
The latest shipping container to reach our main warehouse in Georgia was overloaded with Munchkin-reprint goodness! The giant 40-foot box of awesome was packed with: Munchkin Munchkin 2 - Unnatural Axe Munchkin 3 - Clerical Errors Munchkin 4 - Need for Steed Munchkin 6 - Demented Dungeons Munchkin 7 - Cheat With Both Hands Munchkin Apocalypse Munchkin Cthulhu Munchkin Legends If you've been having a difficult time finding any of the above, please don't pay inflated after-market prices on eBay or somewhere else . . . read article

May 2, 2018:
When you're a dungeon-delving adventurer, sometimes you just need a place to hang your hat (or wizard cap, great helm . . .). If you're looking for somewhere to call home – or at least an interesting destination on your way to danger – you need to visit Caverntown . . . read article

May 3, 2018:
Hello and welcome to our new monthly feature, Upcoming Events Near You! This regular Daily Illuminator feature will let you know what local game-store events to expect in the coming month or two so that you can pencil them in on your calendar . . . read article

May 4, 2018:
It's time to prepare for another trip to Hong Kong and to visit our factories in China. I'm joining David Blanchard, our GPI rep, for a grand factory tour later this month . . . read article

May 5, 2018:
We're always looking for fresh voices in Pyramid and for our GURPS lines. A very important part of becoming one of our authors is knowing our house style guide . . . read article

May 6, 2018:
Do you like cryptic advice? No need to bother with the horoscope in the daily paper* – our Fnorder app has been updated for the new Mac OS and is back in the App Store . . . read article

May 7, 2018:
Shirts. You wear them . . . read article

May 8, 2018:
After many, many months of checking, play, and revision from myself and Drew Metzger, we've finally launched the second edition of the Ogre Miniatures rulebook. This edition features brand-new miniatures painting and photography by Ben Williams; a cover by Brandon Moore; a set of 24 two-sided Ogre record sheets; and die-cut blast templates for spillover fire. Easy to learn and fast-moving, Ogre Miniatures is miniatures armor as it should be played . . . read article

May 9, 2018:
Now that you've had some time to meet Mugsy, Beezlebob, Barbarian the Librarian, and the rest of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game core-set crew, it's time for some new faces - in The Desolation of Blarg expansion!  The first expansion for the Munchkin CCG starts hitting stores in late May and early June, so mark your calendar for the weekend of June 8. That Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are The Desolation of Blarg Release Events at local game stores all around the U.S. and Canada!  Find an event near you to get some brand-new cards - including Blarg himself, a neutral Monster . . . read article

May 10, 2018:
The Ogre Miniatures Kickstarter is coming along well. We blew past the first stretch goal (so the book will be hardback) and are about halfway to the second goal (a diecut sheet with some miniatures that won't be available in plastic any time soon) . . . read article

May 11, 2018:
Get ready to see quality accessories for Munchkin and the Munchkin Collectible Card Game on shelves in 2018! Steve Jackson Games has given Ultra PRO International exclusive rights to accessorize those lines . . . read article

May 12, 2018:
Now that Ogre Miniatures Set 1 is in stores, the Ogre Battle Box is in the final stages of assembly at the factory, and the Ogre Miniatures, Second Edition rules have met the funding goal on Kickstarter, we have opened preorders for Ogre fans outside the U.S. who wish to get their hands on the upcoming hardcover rulebook. This 64-page book is the newest edition of the ruleset first published in 1993, and the new book - along with the miniatures packed inside the Ogre Battle Box - give you all* you need to transport the classic Ogre wargame from hex maps to attractive, miniatures tabletop battles . . . read article

May 13, 2018:
Steve's latest card game, Conspiracy Theory, has shipped to the U.S. Kickstarter-project backers and, best of all, is now available to preorder on Warehouse 23! . . . read article

May 14, 2018:
When we ask people what they like to do in Munchkin, we get one answer more than anything else: Cheat.  Since real cheating is discouraged, we've created a new mini-expansion of cards dedicated to the underhanded arts. Munchkin Cheats gives players even more ways to play additional treasures and get an upper hand on the opponents. But watch out! . . . read article

May 15, 2018:
The mischeivous Moop is mixing up monsters again, and you can get in on the fun at participating 2nd & Charles stores on May 19!  Munchkin Magical Mess features a host of new mixed-up monsters and our favorite wizard, Moop, in a brand new deluxe-style game! Our friends at 2nd & Charles are getting in on the fun with a host of events where you can not only learn to play, but get some free loot, too . . . read article

May 16, 2018:
One of the joys of having the oldest blog in the world is that you can reflect on your history in new and interesting ways. For example, 20 years ago today, we wrote about the newly released GURPS Lite . . . read article

May 17, 2018:
Columbus, we're coming for you! Origins Game Fair is June 13-17 and we're doing it big . . . read article

May 18, 2018:
One of the strengths of the Munchkin line has been the variety of promo cards and bookmarks we've offered over the years. A couple of years back, we started selling some of them on Warehouse 23 . . . read article

May 19, 2018:
Thursday morning, in my middle-school classroom, a student shouted gleefully, "My spell just put the whole town to sleep!" At another table, a boy examined his character sheet and asked, "If I get Signature Gear for my backpack, does that mean all my stuff is invulnerable?" Nearby, a girl confided, "Instead of being a Cat-Folk, I've decided that I'm a human who can turn into a leopard!" This is not some experiment in gamifying social studies. It's part of a weekly program at my school where teachers sponsor a variety of activities intended to appeal to student interests beyond core academics . . . read article

May 20, 2018:
Are gaming clubs still a thing? Are you a member of a club? . . . read article

May 21, 2018:
No fooling! April was an exciting time to be a fan of GURPS, with the re-release (thanks to our On Demand program) of three of the best-known, classic GURPS settings: • GURPS Reign of Steel – a desperate post-apocalyptic fight against robot overlords. • GURPS Technomancer – a modern-era world where technology and magic reign supreme. • GURPS Voodoo – a shadow war against the forces of darkness . . . read article

May 22, 2018:
When you're a munchkin, every day can be Christmas, with all that loot out there in the world, just ripe for the plundering. The rest of the world hasn't quite caught up to this enlightened philosophy, however, and so it's up to us to start the ball rolling . . . read article

May 23, 2018:
Are you excited about The Desolation of Blarg expansion – and you just can't wait to get your hands on Blarg himself (and other great new cards)? Or maybe you just need a learn-to-play event for you or your friends? . . . read article

May 24, 2018:
SJ Games is crossing the pond for a trip to UK Games Expo from June 1-3! We've sent a small expeditionary contingent of Retail and Press Liaison Ariel, and myself, to help teach the Munchkin Collectible Card Game at booth E5 (or the booth island thereabouts).  We'll also be running drafts featuring the new expansion, The Desolation of Blarg! . . . read article

May 25, 2018:
September is going to be chock-full of big releases, including a spin on a classic, a new edition of a veteran in our lineup, a classic reprint, and a brand-new dexterity game. Let's get into it! Munchkin Side Quests Take the scenic route with a new way to play any Munchkin game!  When you need a short detour from the business of killing monsters and betraying your friends, try Munchkin Side Quests! . . . read article

May 26, 2018:
When we launched the Munchkin Collectible Card Game earlier this year, we were painfully short on the game's three Starter Sets, leaving some of our larger distributors without any games for retailers. While the game's starters never quite reached "impossible to find" status over the last quarter, there were more friendly local game stores without access to the starters than we were expecting . . . read article

May 27, 2018:
After a long run of helping gamers find other gamers on the internet, the Gamer Finder is in retirement. Due to changes in European privacy laws and a low usage of the service, we've decided to sunset Gamer Finder rather than modify it . . . read article

May 27, 2018:
Popular opinion has it when he died, Nicola Tesla was sitting on plans for a death ray. These were subsequently picked up when his hotel room was raided by secret government forces . . . read article

May 28, 2018:
May we have a moment of your time? First, a bit of housekeeping . . . read article

May 29, 2018:
After a hard day of killing monsters and taking their stuff, Spyke and Flower like to retire to their new favorite pub, The Red Dragon Inn . . . where they kill monsters and take their drinks. In partnership with SlugFest Games, we're pleased to announce Munchkin: The Red Dragon Inn, a 29-card* expansion for classic Munchkin or any other set with fantasy backs . . . read article

May 30, 2018:
When mental matters meet magical might, the unimaginable becomes within your grasp. Pyramid #3/114: Mind Over Magic focuses on arcane abilities that are subtle or strange. This issue features new options for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 19: Incantation Magic, new magic that focuses on names, a new secret society that devotes its energies to magic based on glass and espionage, sinister magical artifacts for heroes to overcome, and more . . . read article

May 31, 2018:
UK Games Expo is happening this weekend, June 1-3, and SJ Games is back in the empire to show off the Munchkin Collectible Card Game and enjoy the English summer! (One hopes it's slightly cooler than the 98 degrees here in Austin.) . . . read article

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