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May 1, 2023:
As we mentioned last month, we're bringing back a classic that has been unavailable for far too long. Groo: The Game, based on the genius work of Sergio Aragonés, combines the original core game and expansion into a single box. Steve took time to work through the game and make tweaks, developing and improving the game . . . read article

May 2, 2023:
As Egg Embry reports here on Geeknative.com, the signature of artist Jeff Easley was digitally removed from his artwork for the D&D movie. The headline "credits" the removal to Hasbro, but an update points out that the removal could also have been done by Paramount or a Paramount marketing partner, so read the whole article on Geeknative (there are photos) and keep in mind that "credit" is not settled . . . read article

May 3, 2023:
Cows? Yes, Cows. Haven't you herd? What's moo? This is – the latest 15-card set of monsters and Treasures for any Munchkin game! Steak your claim to this comical collection of cows before it's gone . . . read article

May 4, 2023:
We are going to need at least a half-dozen full-color Car Wars covers in the next year. Can you paint cars that don't exist yet, in scenes with explosive action? . . . read article

May 5, 2023:
Last week, our team attended the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, where we met with retailers of all sizes and showed off several of our recent releases and upcoming new games. Our booth, demo, and sales crew did a phenomenal job, and I was proud of everyone's work and how incredible the booth looked . . . read article

May 6, 2023:
As Steve mentioned in his April 3 Daily Illuminator post, I've stepped aside as the company's CEO to focus on my health, sanity, and personal projects. I'm going to do all I can to assist both Steve and Meredith as they keep many, many balls in the air, answering questions and generally providing my opinion and make recommendations as they navigate everything . . . read article

May 7, 2023:
Our business office recently sent over the top sellers for March of 2023 and, as we've done from time to time, we thought it might be fun to share the top ten with all of you. As you can see, Munchkin and Munchkin Deluxe continue to dominate the charts, with a handful of new releases pushing their way into the top ten . . . read article

May 8, 2023:
With Groo: The Game coming to Kickstarter later this month, now is a great time to revisit this review by Steffan O'Sullivan from the distant past known as 1997. This review was first published in Pyramid #28 and is presented here as we prepare to pull the trigger and launch the new edition of Groo: The Game at Kickstarter.  Please enjoy the review, and don't forget to follow Steve Jackson Games at Kickstarter to receive email notification when the project is ready for your support. -- Phil Reed *** Groo: The Game Review by Steffan O'Sullivan   If you already know who Groo is: rejoice! . . . read article

May 9, 2023:
They say April showers bring May flowers, but Warehouse 23 will be showering you with deals and freebies this entire month! Since we have a few running at one time, let's break it down by deal . . . read article

May 10, 2023:
After a successful Kickstarter campaign late last year and a lot of hard work by our team, the Munchkin Witches mini-expansion has (finally!) landed in Georgia and is being unloaded at our primary warehouse even as you read this! These 30 new cards are a great addition to any Munchkin game . . . read article

May 11, 2023:
We're currently Kickstarting five more classic GURPS supplements in the GURPS Print-On-Demand Extravaganza! As you probably already know, GURPS On Demand offers your favorite supplements in a physical format . . . read article

May 12, 2023:
You heard right! We're headed back to Gen Con this year with some awesome events! . . . read article

May 13, 2023:
We have posted the Stakeholder Report for 2022. Executive summary: Still here, still making games, a couple of good wins and no awful losses . . . read article

May 14, 2023:
We're as hard at work shipping funded Kickstarter campaigns as we are preparing new projects for launch. Recent changes have shuffled our schedule around a bit, slipping a few new items into the calendar as planned projects have been pushed back a tad . . . read article

May 15, 2023:
As part of our preparations for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Groo: The Game, we've already worked with the factory to create tooling samples of the components. Rather than start the process after the close of a Kickstarter project for the game, we thought it best to spend the time and money pre-Kickstarter and prepare samples . . . read article

May 16, 2023:
Our STL team members are all big fans of Matt from The Forge of Many Things – check out this mimic fireplace from his first project, with a cat-shaped tentacle as a "lure" like an anglerfish uses, and you'll see why! And we're thrilled to have him sculpting for Steve Jackson Games; you'll see some of his work in an upcoming project . . . . . read article

May 17, 2023:
I recently read Dave McKean's Prompt: Conversations With AI and found myself inspired. AI tools are powerful, inaccurate, and ethically questionable, but we cannot deny that they're here to stay unless something dramatic happens . . . read article

May 18, 2023:
The boom in 3D printable miniatures for tabletop gaming continues! We've all seen endless riffs on classic fantasy orcs, goblins, knights, wizards, and even cute (but menacing!) cat people . . . read article

May 19, 2023:
I was speaking (via email, living as I do on the cutting edge of 1996) to someone regarding our products, and I noted in passing that they could – of course – check out recently released items via our New Products page. My recipient didn't know what I was talking about, so it occurred to me that this may not be universal knowledge . . . read article

May 20, 2023:
Need a card? Roll a card! This "deck" will never get old and ragged or ruined by a spilled drink! Roll these dice together to get any card from a standard deck . . . read article

May 21, 2023:
The Tails of the Season expansion for Munchkin Tails has been out-of-print for a little while now (we ran out last Christmas), but we have great news: the reprint is now shipping to distributors and game stores! . . . read article

May 22, 2023:
This may be the least controversial post I've ever written, but I – a gamer – like dice. A lot . . . read article

May 23, 2023:
In addition to selling our many PDFs at our own online store, Warehouse 23, we also offer our PDFs at DriveThruRPG. With over 700 titles listed at the site, it's sometimes fun to dig into the numbers and identify the current top sellers . . . read article

May 24, 2023:
They said it couldn't be done, but . . . no, wait. Hold on. We said it could be done, but there was a problem that kept it from being done at the time we wanted to do it in the first place . . . read article

May 25, 2023:
We've listed copies of the Melee/Wizard Pocket Box on the Steve Jackson Games online store, Warehouse 23, and have stock for . . . well, for the moment. We don't know how long these will last, so please take advantage of this opportunity today if you want to get your hands on this retro-style combo pack of Steve's first two games in The Fantasy Trip line. Two Great Games . . . read article

May 26, 2023:
Artifacts of Legend, a two-book supplement for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG, is live now on Kickstarter and runs through June 10. These books bring Gaming Ballistic's third-party support for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG to a total of 19 titles . . . read article

May 27, 2023:
Don't pay those high after-market prices for Munchkin Zombies Deluxe, gang! After being out-of-print for some time, we're happy to report that we're bringing Munchkin Zombies Deluxe back to the land of available games . . . read article

May 28, 2023:
When it comes to fighting the forces of darkness, sometimes you need friends who are pretty shady themselves. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens: Thieves – by longtime GURPS avant-gardist Christopher R. Rice – greatly expands the options for thieves in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy . . . read article

May 29, 2023:
Do you want life-sized dinosaur models?   . . . is that even a question?   Limelight Miniatures, whose excellent work is featured in our upcoming Foes 2 collection, has 3D printable dinosaur models on Kickstarter, in – you guessed it – 1:1 scale. Naturally, they're some of the smallest species, and they come pre-hollowed and ready to print in pieces . . . read article

May 30, 2023:
We have activated the pre-launch page for the Kickstarter campaign for the second edition of Tribes. In Tribes, you and your fellow players (4 to 8, plus an optional referee) will become cave men and women, facing the challenges of survival in a prehistoric world . . . read article

May 31, 2023:
We're bringing back some of the Illuminati pins that you've been asking about for years. You can order them today at our online store, Warehouse 23, and you can even enjoy the original article from 1989 if you wish . . . read article

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