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May 23, 2023: Top Sellers At DriveThruRPG

In addition to selling our many PDFs at our own online store, Warehouse 23, we also offer our PDFs at DriveThruRPG. With over 700 titles listed at the site, it's sometimes fun to dig into the numbers and identify the current top sellers. Not surprisingly, the two GURPS Basic Set books come in as numbers one and two . . . and the stand-alone Girl Genius, Dungeon Fantasy, and Discworld RPGs are also in the top ten Steve Jackson Games titles at the site. 

  1. GURPS Basic Set: Characters
  2. GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns
  3. Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
  4. Discworld Roleplaying Game
  5. Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game - Powered by GURPS
  6. Murphy's Rules
  7. Dungeon Fantasy Companion 3
  8. GURPS Classic: Supers
  9. GURPS Magic
  10. GURPS Social Engineering

-- Phil Reed

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